EMAK Presents Recommendations for Electric Mobility in Kenya’s 2024/2025 Financial Bill

The Electric Mobility Association of Kenya (EMAK) is the leading industry association advocating for the adoption and growth of electric vehicles (EVs) in Kenya. As the country aims to reduce its carbon emissions and transition to more sustainable forms of transportation, EMAK has played a crucial role in shaping policies and incentives to support the EV sector.

Today, the Electric Mobility Association of Kenya (EMAK) presented crucial recommendations to the National Assembly for consideration in Kenya’s 2024/2025 financial bill. Public participation is key to ensuring resources are properly allocated so that all new and existing sectors have an equal voice in how they contribute to Kenya’s economic growth and climate-related matters.

The conversation covered Electric Bicycles, Electric Motorbikes, Electric Tuk Tuks, Electric Cars, Electric Buses, Electric Trucks, Charging Infrastructure and supporting activities.

EMAK’s recommendations focused on supporting the development of electric mobility in Kenya, including:


  1. Incentives needed to bolster critical mass for electric vehicles.
  2. Encouragement of incentives to drive local and foreign investment in the EV sector.
  3. Incentives to support local manufacturing of electric vehicles and components.

Incentives to continue ensuring reduction of costs to the end consumer.

The presentation was delivered by a team of EMAK representatives including Moses Nderitu, Hezbon Mose, George M. Song’e, Olivia Lamenya, Elijah oduor. A special Thanks to ALN Kenya | Anjarwalla & Khanna

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