Fleet management, Advanced driving & E-Mobility support for fleet operators & road users.
First Electric Transport Energy Company in Africa with the largest commercial e-motorcycle fleet and battery swapping network
Africa’s Leading E Mobility Battery-as-a service provider
Mobility for Life
BasiGo is an e-mobility start-up looking to revolutionize the public transportation sector
Fast growing global mobility player guided by a clear mission: to provide smart, efficient and affordable electric mobility solutions
Never STOP Moving
MOVE SMARTER – ebee bicycles built for AFRICA

African Cycling,

Electric Motorbike Taxis for Everyday Use

Charge Your Motion
Our objective is to assist businesses in the region with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly mode of transport.
Charge Everywhere When You Want

Powering Sustainable Mobility

Clean Mobility

We are the Future

It’s time to Go Electric
Holistic end-to-end affordable and clean energy mobility services
For Professional Solar Solutions
Our mission is to make financing for everyday essentials accessible to everyone.
We’re helping the African EV industry grow by providing access to valuable funding via carbon credit markets.
We are committed to offering safe, secure and sustainable Mobility Solutions.

Power to Move

The Standard for Electric Mobility in Africa.

Bespoke Solar Energy and Electric Vehicle Solutions!
STIMA provides a SaaS platform to empower entreprises in deploying and managing battery swapping infrastructure for electric 2&3 wheelers in emerging markets.
Trans Boda Limited is an E-Mobility enabler and we are availing zero-emissions two-wheelers that are perfect for urban and rural environments.

Quality is our Signature.

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